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Alli and KL! would like to thank their mutual Livejournal friend from Malta for noticing they both posted about the same Harry and the Potters concert and identified they must live near each other. They clearly were not going to otherwise meet while working a floor apart from each other for the same company or living within a mile of each other. Sometimes the stories we live are weirder than the ones we write.

Alli Martin


Alli Martin is a science fiction and alternate history author, a freelance writer, and a freelance editor. She is particularly interested in female or nonbinary protagonists, diverse voices, and robots (who doesn’t like robots?). Her work often focuses on the ways in which we are programmed and how we fill voids. Liminal spaces, cemeteries, and theme parks are some of her favorite places to write and find inspiration. (Also anywhere she can watch robots or be surrounded by Victoriana or automata.)

Alli has an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Central Florida. She has presented panels and workshops at DragonCon, Orange County Library, and SavvyAuthors. In her professional career, she has edited everything from math textbooks to science fiction to whatever navel gazing KL! writes. If you’d like to know more about Alli as an editor, please see her website.

Her fiction work can be found in the 2011 anthology Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts from Dark Oak Press, and she writes features on movies, TV, and comics for /Film.




KL! is a collage artist and a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. They have a deep love in their heart for comics and attempt to write those on occasion as well. Both their art and writing mainly focus on themes of embodiment, memory, and what it means to be a person, even if one isn’t strictly human. They’ve been working on a cyberpunk novel with these themes at the forefront for roughly the last eight thousand years and perhaps one day they’ll even finish it.

KL! has published a short story, a comic, and a slew of poetry under Lara Eckener, and collage art under KL! They also post pieces of universes on their blog and are currently working with a friend to turn one of those little stories into a comic of its own. As a veteran of Archive of Our Own, they really love the community aspect found in fandom and fanfiction and are trying to make this the focus of their artistic practice moving forward. In that vein, they will also edit for other writers on occasion, when their day job hasn’t eaten up all of their time.

You can find a list of KL!’s credits on their website.

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