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S1 E6 Are You Afraid of the Space Dark

This week we welcome (and summarily terrify) special guest and friend of the show, Nanci Schwartz! Nanci is the author of the forthcoming Robber Barrons Trilogy from Aethon Books, which will hit our hot little hands September 13th. Be sure to pre-order it if

S1 E5 The Importance of Being Arboreal

This week, KL! and Alli delve into the most universal parts of the human condition by trying to unravel the motivations of hope, despair, and semi-sentient alien trees who just want to give back to the planet that originally made them. How should humans

A Change In Format: Every Other Week

Keeping up with a weekly podcast can be a challenge, both for listeners and for the people producing it! To acknowledge that life is difficult (particularly now) and to alleviate some stress, Story Kernels will be switching to an every other week format. What

S1 E4 An Ocean of False Starts

In this week's writing podcast, Alli and KL! become tangled in the net of narrative as we fish for a coherent story. We use an old photograph as our jumping off point to discuss creativity, working with your muse, the ethics of Pygmalion, and

S1 E3 Duck Duck Truce

Have you ever wondered what it was like to try and recapture a story after it’s become entirely unhinged? Have we got an episode for you! Take a journey with us through the dark underside of the bright lights of Orlando, Florida as we

S1 E2 Eat Dirt

This week we get down to the nitty gritty as we dive into the world of Resurrection Men and tree people! We discuss what it means to be a person, 19th-century death situations, alien impulses that are the same as

S1 E1 Cuttle Buddy

Have you ever wondered what happens when robots gain sentience? Take a dive deep under the ocean with us as we develop a story and discuss giant psychedelic cuttlefish, free will, photosensitive programming, and that pesky thing called creating a

S1 E0 Let’s Get Poppin’!

Welcome to Story Kernels, the podcast that takes a kernel of an idea, drops it in hot oil, and lets it fluff into a delicious snack! Meet us at the beginning of our story, where two intrepid beings (robot and tree, respectively) set off

Story Kernels Podcast Trailer

Story Kernels is a podcast about writing, ideas, and turning an idea into a story. Join us to talk about inspiration and writing starting on June 2nd. You can find us online at, and on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr at StoryKernelsPod. If you’re

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