S1 E10 Editing for the Multiversal Paragon


This week we welcome special guest and friend of the show, Karen Osborne to help us develop a story! Karen is the author of The Memory War duology which includes, Architects of Memory and Engines of Oblivion. If you enjoy a fresh take on aliens, first contact, and artificial intelligence, you should grab these books and take a deep dive into their world.

With Karen blasting toward science fiction, we shift our focus to technologies of the future and what some technologies might mean for children and parenthood. We tap dance around some sinister ideas about manipulation and childhood before settling on a story about how parents can game the educational system to enter the multiverse of their dreams. 

Digressions include: corporations don’t love us (so we don’t love them), how the right details build a setting, time changes hometowns, science and art both involve squishy feelings, revision is like adaptation, children: actually people, and we’re keeping the dog!

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special announcement about the future of Story Kernels!

Today’s Prompt Systems: 

100 Prompts for Science Fiction Writers by Leslie and Jarod Anderson

What’s Been Inspiring Us Lately:

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