S1 E6 Are You Afraid of the Space Dark


This week we welcome (and summarily terrify) special guest and friend of the show, Nanci Schwartz! Nanci is the author of the forthcoming Robber Barrons Trilogy from Aethon Books, which will hit our hot little hands September 13th. Be sure to pre-order it if you can!

With Nanci in the cockpit, our thoughts turn to outer space. We take a fantastic voyage to the moon to discover what’s hiding in the perfect dark. Digressions include: what KL doesn’t know about physics could fill a moon, night science, when we learn we’re afraid of the dark, whether or not Nanci will ever sleep again, and elongated men.

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Rory’s Story Cubes distributed by Zygomatic studios

Rory's Story cubes displaying a moon, flashlight, empty gage, open eye, and a ray gun.

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