S1 E5 The Importance of Being Arboreal


This week, KL! and Alli delve into the most universal parts of the human condition by trying to unravel the motivations of hope, despair, and semi-sentient alien trees who just want to give back to the planet that originally made them. How should humans act when confronted with a climate crisis so imminent that there’s nothing to lose?

Digressions include: KL!’s Lord and Savior David Jenkins, kind media, Ents, Bob Mossy, alien Punk’d, nature as a haunting, and infrastructure. As it’s been a few months since recording, we’d like to report KL! has now seen Our Flag Means Death all the way through roughly 13 times. It was the most watched streaming show for 6 weeks in a row before being unseated and then clawing its way back. Please come yell at KL! about the pirates. It’s literally all they talk about anymore.

Also, KL! has never and will never set Alli on fire.

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