S1 E3 Duck Duck Truce


Have you ever wondered what it was like to try and recapture a story after it’s become entirely unhinged? Have we got an episode for you! Take a journey with us through the dark underside of the bright lights of Orlando, Florida as we learn about Duckmasters, goth mafias (the gothia), the ways trauma can manifest in your body and your relationships, and the importance of reassembling yourself to be able to accept the love you deserve. 

Diversions include the underground blood trade (where anticoagulants are expensive and necessary), Morrissey dance-offs, every movie scene where someone gets buried in cement at a construction site, financial planning for early retirement, and duck voyeurism. KL! also completely blanks on Donald Glover’s name, for which they apologize. We’re sorry Mr. Glover! We love your work!

Today’s Prompt Systems: 

The Story Engine Deck by Peter Chiykowski

Story Engine prompt reads "A foul-mouthed bouncer wants to restore a memory of a construction site but they will have to learn something difficult."

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